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The QNC service goes like so: The stylist combs through your hair and examines your scalp. Some head spas even use a camera-tipped wand that projects a 200x close-up on a monitor in front of you and, depending on the condition of your scalp, you may or may not like what you see. Undesirable conditions include discoloration, clogged follicles, and irritation...

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Scalp Care

Scalp Hue Therapy Treatment time 15minutes /$ 20.00 This program cleanses the scalp using a scalp-specific shampoo and herb suitable for scalp type. The detox massage program provides oxygen through the scalp, related muscle manual techniques, scalp muscle relaxation, and simultaneously satisfies both toxin discharge and relaxation through scalp circulation.

Hair Loss Care

Early hair loss care Treatment time 60minute/$60    $220/Mon Description : Hamilton Classification Steps 1 and 2: The treatment procedure starts in the O-shape and an M-shape hair and a U-shape that meets the top of the head. An effective program to prevent hair loss by DHT generation inhibition solution.

Damage Hair Care

Damage Hair Care Treatment time 60minute/$60     $220/Mon Description : Three step hair regeneration restoration solution restores damaged hair effectively by providing intensive care and balance. Protein, minerals, and vitamins penetrate deep into the hair structure to form shine and elasticity and provide moisture to the hair. Recommended for symptoms

Detox Program

Detox Program   Treatment time 90minute/$90   $330/Mon scalp detox program is a patented system which detoxifies hair to improve health by using natural herbs. As powder with eight natural herbs, it is an eco-friendly patented system that supplies nourishment to scalp and discharges waste for health.

Home Care

What is QNC Scalp Home Care Program? Excessive sebum, keratin, dandruff, and seborrhea dermatitis are exposed daily to the scalp environment. When such a condition is left unattended for a long time, hair follicles are blocked, hair follicles are contracted, and leads to severe hair loss. With Day Self Care,


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Basic scalp Scaling

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Hair Loss Care

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Hair Care

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