Hair Loss Care

Early hair loss care

Treatment time 60minute/$60    $220/Mon

Description : Hamilton Classification Steps 1 and 2: The treatment procedure starts in the O-shape and an M-shape hair and a U-shape that meets the top of the head.

An effective program to prevent hair loss by DHT generation inhibition solution. Recommended for symptoms like this : Hair loss seems to be starting.Hair loss is inherited in the family.The hair became thin and weakened.I have problem on my scalp.


Intensive hair loss care

Treatment time 90minute/$90   $330/Mon

Description : QNC Classification Steps 3, 4, and 5: The program suppresses the production of DHT, which is the cause of deepening hair loss, and concentrates and strengthens functions of abnormal hair cells.

Recommended for symptoms like this : There is much progress of hair in the M,O,U, parting.The scalp is visible from the outside.Hair is too thin.Hair is weak and no volume.

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