Scalp Care

Scalp Hue Therapy

Treatment time 15minutes /$ 20.00

This program cleanses the scalp using a scalp-specific shampoo and herb suitable for scalp type. The detox massage program provides oxygen through the scalp, related muscle manual techniques, scalp muscle relaxation, and simultaneously satisfies both toxin discharge and relaxation through scalp circulation.

Basic scalp Scaling

Treatment time 30minute/$30   $100/Mon

Description : The scalp care removes harmful toxins from the scalp, normalizes the keratin cycle, strengthens the penetration of nutrients, maintains a constant pH balance, and keeps the scalp conditional and nutritional supply constant.

Recommended for symptoms like this : Ther is no shine on the hair and is fuzzy. Irregular lifestyle.

Even if you shampoo in the morning, your hair becomes greasy.Even after shampooing, your scalp doesn’t feel refreshing.

Dry/Oily Scalp Care

Treatment time 60minute/$60    $220/Mon

Description : The scalp improvement solution cleanses the seborrhoeic scalp trouble elements, such as excess sebum and inflammation to normalize sebaceous glands. It is an effective program to prevent scalp trouble.

Recommended for symptoms like this : Excess sebum secretion.A lot of heat in the head.Greasy dandruff and keratin.The head smells.Low sebum secretion.The scalp feels dry.Dried dandruff andHair is itch.

Special problematic scalp care

Treatment time 60minute/$60       $220/Mon

Description : Scalp improvement solution that cleanses seborrheic scalp trouble elements, such as dry scalp, keratin, and inflammation using Black Seaweed Mask and normalizes sebaceous glands. The program effectively improves scalp dandruff and prevents trouble.

Recommended for symptoms like this : The head is often itchy and have too much dandruff.Problems such as inflammation of the head frequently occur.The scalp is red and sensitive.Sebum secretion is excessive.

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