Nourising Scalp Tonic


Size : 2oz(60ml)

The Health of The Scalp and Hair ( all types )

For Dry / Oily / Sensitive Scalp

Special Scalp Care System

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This hair tonic that is made with about 10 ingredients extracted from herbal medicines, seaweeds & grains makes the scalp excellent condition and supplies nutrients to the hair . Finely extracted active ingredients which are very well absorbed promote.


Purified water, ethanol, seaweed extract, Kelp extract , green tea extract, black soybean extract,Mushroom extract, mushroom extract, mungbean extract, pine leaf extract, mugwort extract, Chrysanthemum extract, Leaf Extract, Sesame extract, Sodium benzoate.

Directions For Use

Shake the bottle before use properly,take out suitable amounts with both hands and apply them to hair evenly and give scalp massage & rub enough to penetrate.


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