3 Step Hair Clinic System [01/02/03]


Size : 200g

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Very Intensive hair click tool badly damaged hair
Its perfect ingredients setup for both color and perm procedure
AOMI CLINIC 01,02,03 has the ingredients base only for hair improvement AGAINST DAMAGED HAIR.


Directions For Use

System 01: The protein that is extracted from Assai oil, milk and ceramide that is extracted from yeast, will correct damaged hair. The oil/moisture layer that is created by AOMI 01 protects the damaged layers from chemicals and sunlight exposure, therefore recovering the CMC layers, ensuring hair vitality.  System 02: The assai oil and amino acids contained in the product will change the hair cuticle’s structure by filling it up with nutrition. Aomi 02 gives elasticity, stops the damage process and recovers the hair condition by reorganizing CMC layers, making a stronger structure. It also contains deep water minerals which provide moisture and softness to the hair. System 03: This product contains pracaxi oil and hyaluronic acid, which supplies moisture to the hair and providing softness and elasticity. Assai oil’s antioxidant increases hair resistance, blocks ultraviolet radiation and protects hair from split ends and breakage. The hydrolyzed keratin and vitamins recover the hair damaged by chemical procedure and creates stronger hair 


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