3-STEP Doctor Smart Face Sheet Mask Pcak(ANTI-WRINKLE)


Size : 1 each

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* 3-STEP SKIN CARE in one mask – deep cleansing, intense nourishment, anti-aging night cream
* ULTRA-SIKLY, PURE COTTON CELLULOSE MASK SHEET – excellent adhesion to your skin for maximum penetration of active ingredients
* FREE OF CHEMICAL ADHESIVES – non-irritating on your skin
* BIODEGRADABLE and environmentally friendly
* CONTAINS ADENOSINE & NIACINAMIDE – active ingredients verified by KFDA as effective for fighting wrinkles and pigmentation
* Brightening FACE MASK INFUSED WITH PITERA – to reduce age spots and brighten skin tone
* ANTI-WRINKLE FACE MASK reduces fine lines and wrinkles on face and eye area
* PROVIDES INTENSE NOURISHMENT & HYDRATION to your skin for a refined skin texture


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